Any way to use an Android tablet as a cheap touch-screen (display + pointer-input-device) for Photoshop?

Is there a way (a hack; a commercial app; etc…) which enables me to use any of the available <300$ tablets as a pen-input device to my PC? And specifically in Photoshop?

Wacom’s offerings are out of my reach and the school wouldn’t get me something they couldn’t get back in a perfect state which means only software licenses. So I’m asking for a software that enables a tablet’s touch screen to be used as an display/pen-input for Photoshop/other-design-programs as they run on my PC’s resources; not using the tablet for anything but displaying what the GPU outputs, and inputting from the pen.

If you can also recommend specific tablets within this range, please do.

  • It should be Android. But Windows 8 also looks promising and I’ll be using Windows (8 too) on my PC so maybe higher compatibility?
  • Pressure sensitivity is a must.
  • Precision should be high.

Of course that all depends on your knowing a particular tablet model that works, or a workaround that works for a model or a series.


I have an app called Slide that’s meant to be used as a graphic tablet. It now connects over USB or WiFi.


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