Anyone knows the fonts used in this Resume?

I found a really creative resume when I was surfing the web this morning, and it uses some awesome sans-serif typefaces, but I don’t know the fonts. Has anyone seen them before? (WhatTheFont was no help)

enter image description here


Looks like Aller by Dalton Maag.


I think all the text on the page is the same font, but in varying weights.

The broken R, K and X make it distinctive and at first I thought it may have been Klavika (also known as “The Facebook font”) which also has those features, but it clearly isn’t.

Note: as pointed out to me in the comments, there is a free version of Aller. “Aller Typo” is the paid version.

PS. By the way, if this is a real resume, he really needs someone to rewrite the opening paragraph as it’s full of mistakes and sounds very amateur. It implies he’s only ever designed one site, and it was for a friend, and that he doesn’t think it was very good. And since he claims to be a graphic designer, there are all sorts of inconsistencies with font sizes such as “MOBILE NUMBER” / “EMAIL ADDRESS”. And there are spelling errors like “COMPUTER INGENEERING [sic]”. And what does “CHELSEA FC” have to do with it? It’s not explained.

Source : Link , Question Author : JamiePatt , Answer Author : thomasrutter

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