App to stream photos from my Network share to SmartTV via iPhone

I have photos on my network drive. I want to stream them to a SmartTV; something like:

  • On my iPhone
  • Open network share
  • Find folder with pics
  • Stream to DLNA/SmartTV

The only app I’ve found so far is iMediaShare. However, it is an old app – and have an issue with the slideshow: you need to manually list all files in the folder, then start the slideshow (otherwise it will stream only first batch of files).

All other streaming apps do support streaming of my local iPhone Camera Roll, which is fine, but I don’t need it.

Why do I need it?

The software in my TV and media player works slow, and are less responsive. It takes time to navigate to next photo. It takes time to load stuff. I need to sit in the front of TV and see what is going on. I need to handle different remote controls/apps. Moreover, some of my shares are private, and I don’t want TV to access them; but still want to stream some images from it. So, at the end: it is much more convenient for me to use it like described above.


Try Filpps Tv you can get from apple store

Source : Link , Question Author : ɹoƃı , Answer Author : Lalit Lohia

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