Apple Photos App Stuck For Days “Closing the library…”

I recently migrated my library from iPhoto to the Apple Photos app. There’s probably around 13,000 photos/videos in the library. After migrating the library, I closed Photos, and it is now been stuck “Closing the library…” for two days.

I checked the activity monitor shortly after it appeared to be stuck and there were seemingly related processes consuming high amounts of CPU resources, such as and photoanalysisd. So I waited, assuming those processes are preventing the app exit and just need to finish what they are working on.

It is now day 2 and I still see Photos is “Closing the library…” and the processes are still live, but aren’t consuming any CPU any longer.

Other forums/sites talk about the “Closing the library…” issue and suggest just force quitting Photos. However, I don’t want to do this if there any risk on corrupting the library, or killing a process that needs to complete to make the library complete.

Any suggestions on what I should do next?


Source : Link , Question Author : Swisher Sweet , Answer Author : Community

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