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What font does Apple Watch use for the time and other information presented in number form? I looked this up but the only one I could find was the San Fransisco one. However, the SF one is not rounded enough. I tried WhatTheFont, but it couldn’t identify it. Thank you for any help in advance.

enter image description here


watchOS uses SF Compact, part of Apple’s San Fransisco family.

It is not licensed for use outside watchOS & is limited to development for that OS only.

Ref: Wikipedia – San Francisco (sans-serif typeface)

Late Edit:
After [many] comments & further research…
Actually, I think you might be out of luck – that font is not SF Compact & is not the watchOS font. You only see it on early “photos” or possibly mockups of the  Watch v1.
If it is an Apple font, it may never have left the building.

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : Tetsujin

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