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I have always drawn with pencils and paper. I like drawing things that are just plain creepy. But I want them on my computer, but I don’t want to just scan them on, so I’ve decided to draw them on the computer.

But I can’t get Photoshop, and I really don’t want to give Adobe a single cent. So what are my alternatives?

I use Paint.NET for when I do graphics for websites, and it’s ok, but I find it very tedious to work with and wouldn’t enjoy using it for what I want to use it for.

Are there any others that you would suggest? Please keep in mind that I’m only after free apps, or atleast fully-functioning trials (except Photoshop).

Also, another requirement is that the app has a lot of cool painting styles, like Highlighting and drawing shadows or “toning” for like, when you wanna add tone to body parts.

I hope this is the right place to be asking here.

Looking forward to your suggestions!


That’s a tall order for a free app. A well developed app that is going to provide you with a viable/enjoyable alternative to natural media is unlikely to come cheap. That said, some people have said nice things about ArtRage — not free but cheap.

Corel Painter is hard to beat for natural media look and feel and it’s not owned by Adobe! It works very well with drawing tablets. Between the extraordinary support for levels of pressure and the specialty pen tips out there it’s a pretty impressive workflow.

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