Are Adobe Typekit fonts “free” to use?

Being a CC subscriber, is it ok to use Adobe Typekit fonts for commercial purposes?
And are there any other notable T’s and C’s one should be aware of when using Typekit fonts?


The short answer is yes (if you’re using Typekit legitimately as part of your subscription to Adobe CC). Here are a couple of useful FAQs directly from the Typekit site:

Can I use synced fonts for commercial projects or client work, such as creating business cards and logos?

Yes. You can create digital designs or print work for your own use or
for client projects. This includes generating a PDF, EPS file, or
bitmapped file such as a JPEG or PNG.

Does my client need their own font license to use the designs?

No, not if you are creating documents that embed the font data, such
as a PDF, JPEG, or PNG. However, if your client needs to have the font
installed to edit your design, they will need their own license,
either through Typekit or as a perpetual desktop license purchase.

Can I use the fonts to create products I will sell commercially, such as t-shirts, posters, or other printed merchandise?

Yes. You can use synced fonts for any kind of merchandise, whether
you’re designing a t-shirt for a friend or product packaging for a

These are just a few answers that address your question. If you want a more in depth look into licensing fonts from Typekit, check out the rest of the Typekit Licensing FAQs or the full legal Services Agreement here.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ruben Kretek , Answer Author : zeethreepio

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