Are logo design contests considered “spec” work and what are the pros and cons of participating as a designer?

I know logo design contests and the whole “spec” work issue is a controversial subject. As a designer given the AIGA’s position on spec work what are the pros and cons of entering such contests?


The Cons:

  • you’re working for pennies
  • you’re working for a ‘client’ who has committed next-to-nothing to the project
  • you’re not designing based on any real client or business objectives/requirements
  • there is no proper feedback loop
  • you’re competing with people that are likely using unlicensed software and type
  • you’re wasting your time

The Pros:

  • umm…let me think…err…hmm…nope. No Pros.

Source : Link , Question Author : Chris_O , Answer Author : DA01

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