Are there any color palette choosing tools that make it easy to incorporate black/gray/white?

I always have a difficult time choosing color schemes and I think I often end up overloading my designs with color because there’s “just something missing.” Today I realized that part of the problem is that I often overlook using black and white as a choice. I use Kuler and Color Scheme Designer a lot (and have used various others over the years), but I’ve yet to see one actually incorporate black, white, and/or gray into the color wheel/harmony and, as a result, none of them would help me find a color scheme like this:


Ideally, I’d like to find a tool that does that (preferably free for personal use). I will also accept strategies for using the tools I already use to incorporate black and white more easily.


I was recently working with a dark interface, and struggled with choosing the right colors for quite a long time. I found most color pickers useless, to be honest, because even when they could show me a trustworthy relationship between color blocks, the final implementation would always look different.

This might not be the case for you, so this is more or less personal, but I’d recommend you try creating your own palettes incorporating some extra information (in my case, I used shapes with different sizes, and images that had a similar palette as reference).

Something that a color picker won’t be able to show you is how colors interact when they are overlapping or very close to each other. For example, these colors create that annoying ‘dissonance’ (see comments!) when combined with the gray:

enter image description here

While these three (far from being perfect, this was done in a hurry), can more or less coexist in harmony:

enter image description here

For some elements, palettes are great. But in some cases, it’s better to see how colors work together in the actual implementation (‘real life’ inspiration is also a good source!).

Source : Link , Question Author : Zelbinian , Answer Author : Yisela

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