Are there any conventions for pairing tileable patterns for web and print design?

I’m wondering if there are any rules-of-thumb or conventions for choosing patterns that work well together.

At the moment I just use my best judgement which I’ve developed over a number of years. However, it’s often very difficult to match two patterns together, so I tend to use the same pattern with a different colour, but this can look boring when overdone.

Take for example a mesh pattern and an icon pattern:

enter image description hereenter image description here

In these examples, I think the complexity and detail of the patterns is what creates the disparity. Additionally, I think the mesh pattern looks like a texture and has 3D qualities to it, while the icon pattern is flat and simple.

Based on that, the only feature I can confidently say plays a part in pairing patterns is the level of detail. Can anyone highlight more factors to consider?

What should I consider when pairing patterns?


One important factor to be considered will be the function of the pattern. If it would be used as a background, I will avoid high contrast pattern for a clear hierarchy relationship. If the pattern was the only element in design (very common in wallpaper, garment or textile), it can be more playful and detailed. Those small details allow viewers find something interesting when they take a closer look.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dom , Answer Author : Digi Monk

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