Are there any platforms on which we can keep our Psd’s and AI file safe and also for sharing purpose?

I am looking for some platforms on which I can keep my heavy PSDs and other AI files safe. Also, I want to be able download them later when I want.

How do design companies share files? Through network or they have any space like Dropbox?


There are lots of different solutions. If you’re asking how design companies share files internally, most would have an onsite server that everyone has access to.

Well structured design companies normally have a standard filing system for individual projects that makes the project easy to find at a later date (naming by job number for example), so you might get a file tree like this:


The server generally has some sort of onsite backup and a separate offsite backup, but most companies operate this way internally as using a tool like Dropbox would be too much of a pain.

For sharing files externally, most are now using Dropbox or Wetransfer or some other similar tool. In the old days everyone used to have their own FTP servers but the ubiquitous nature of cloud file sharing tools seems to have done away with the humble FTP.

If you’re just looking for a way to move files off your working machine, I recommend buying a cheap NAS for home, one of the plug and play ones that are easy to set up, move anything that isn’t current work onto that and keep a good filing system. Alternatively you can use Dropbox or Google Drive, or iCloud Drive or any other cloud storage platform (there’s a list of alternatives here), but depending on how much you have to store a local NAS might be cheaper as well as faster when you want to pull a large file.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sakshi Bhardwaj , Answer Author : JamiePatt

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