Are there considerable differences when designing for men or women?

(I am aware of the simplified dichotomy, a better term would be gender character but it’s a bit too vague/specific for the title of this question.)

When creating a web project, are there differences between a mostly feminine or masculine audience that a designer should consider?

For example, women are more active social users and online buyers. This might somehow be reflected in the design, if you can target these two groups and show the same page in different shapes according to their gender (female = more or bigger images of people, just to name something).

For the sake of this question, I’m imagining a web platform that is available to provide these different experiences based on gender. Also, the variables the designer can play with are design elements: images, text, color, component shapes. UX is a possible approach, but I’m thinking in termns of visual variability. What would those different themes be like?


After spending some time looking around, and comparing several sources, it seems like there aren’t really that many differences. These would apply to any gender, me thinks. Still, here’s my latest list:

  • Pink is a girl’s color, not a woman’s. Neutral tones and brown are also not recommended.
  • White space, a reserved palette, and fair pastel backgrounds work better for women (they relax the eyes without distracting from the content)
  • Simplicity and functionality over complexity and obscurity. Time is a valuable resource nowadays.
  • Sharp corners or perfect circles are not favorite picks.
  • Women are apparently more likely to create an emotional connection with the subject in a photo (use photos of people or things that generate the feels)
  • If you want to attract successful career women, use photos of successful career women.
  • Clean and clarity to create the illusion of freshness and professionalism.
  • Harmonious element placing, interfaces should be aesthetically attractive.
  • 75% of women disagreed with the statement ‘men are more comfortable with tech than women’
  • Women experience sites holistically, so it’s better not to compartmentalize the interaction too much.
  • Copy should be concise but persuasive, slightly more friendly and conversational than for men.
  • Appeal to women’s sense of adventure and curiosity.
  • Women have more brand friends than men, as well as more online social friends.


Source : Link , Question Author : Yisela , Answer Author : Yisela

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