Are there Cyrillic/Greek/Japanese/Chinese equivalents of Comic Sans?

That is, is there a font in these character sets that is:

  1. Well known,
  2. Widely used for inappropriate purposes, and
  3. A marker of questionable design choice in serious application?



In Japanese, a great candidate for Comic Sans is 創英角ポップ体 sōei kaku poppu tai. This font is extremely informal, is widely used (for example in leaflets in government offices, whatever), comes with Windows, is widely frowned upon (read: “hated”), etc. This is the font

enter image description here

and this is what comes up as a suggestion when searching for it on Google:


The third suggestion is ダサい “uncool”. Need I say more?


In Chinese, the corresponding font seems to be “Young Lady”, like this one

young lady

which for example is compared to Comic Sans here

老實說國外設計師對Comic sans的觀感可能就像是台灣設計師對少女體的感覺吧!

(roughly) To be honest, foreign designers’ perception of Comic Sans might be like Taiwanese designers feel about [Young Lady]!

I think the font is called 華康少女 in Traditional and 华康少女 in Simplified Chinese.

Cyrillic and Greek

Cyrillic (U+0400–U+04FF) and Greek (U+0370–U+03FF) are both covered by Comic Sans MS, so if you want The Comic Sans, look no further. (The first version to support Greek & Cyrillic scripts is version 2.00, released in the summer of 1997.)

greek and russian in Comic Sans

But one wonders whether speakers of languages with the Cyrillic alphabet identified much with a font associated with comics of American superheroes such as Superman or Captain America, in universes where Russians and Communists and Soviets were supervillain material…

Source : Link , Question Author : Carbon , Answer Author : Community

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