Are there monospace fonts which support spaces of various widths?

(Bear with me, I know that having characters which are not monowidth in a monospace font is somewhat counterintuitive, but there is a legit use case below.)

I have an application I’ve written where I need fixed-width hexadecimal characters so that my output can look like the below:

21 41 49 56 44 4d 2c 31 
2c 31 2c 2c 41 2c 42 35 
4e 62 54 66 50 30 3f 36 
66 64 57 36 56 33 69 4b 

It’s very important that the columns stay perfectly aligned, so a monospace font is critical.

However, I don’t need that much whitespace between the characters, and in fact it makes the UI harder to use because of the excess distance. As a result, I’d like to find a font where the non-whitespace characters will be of constant width, but where I can tune the whitespace like in the examples given in

Does such a beast exist?


We don’t know about the technical side of the “application you’ve written”, but in some design software there are spaces of different widths, aside from the usual Space.

These work even for monospaced fonts, however I believe they are not built into the actual font file, but instead somehow emulated by the software (again not aware of how it works at the coding level).

Alternatively, you could experiment with a more condensed monospace font.

See this: What are the function of EM and EN spaces?

enter image description here

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Kenn Sebesta , Answer Author : Lucian

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