Are there specific considerations when sending a design to a newspaper?

I need to send a design to be published in a newspaper. I assume this must be restricted to several factors, size, color space, halftoning, etc.

Are there any specific requirements?


There are a few (very general) considerations when sending files to be printed in newspapers. The main areas you should focus your attention on are the ones you already do when designing any print piece (font size, for example) and in particular, color, because of the way newspapers are printed.

  • If your ad / design is running without color then all artwork and colors should be black and shades of gray. If your ad is running with color then all artwork and colors should be black and shades of gray and utilize the CMYK color model.

  • Ink is applied one plate at a time with black being the last. White text over a CMYK background can end up looking ‘fuzzy’ due to misalignment of the web of paper as it prints through the press.

  • Contrast is paramount. Maintain a 20% difference in shades of black for reproduction. If your advertisement is color you can consider creating a temporary creative version that converts all colors to grayscale. Then check for that 20% difference.

  • Transparencies do not reproduce well. Flatten your artwork to reduce or eliminate as much transparency as possible.

  • Avoid type less than 6 points in size. Fonts composed of very thin strokes may not reproduce well either.

  • Check the vertical and horizontal measurements of your advertisement before sending it in. Measurements are generally expressed in the fashion of ‘number of columns’ by the inches decimal depth of the advertisement.

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