Arial Small Caps — how to use them?

According to this answer to another question about small caps by @yakunins, Arial got small caps around 2014:

(image provided by @yakunins)

So, how do you use them? Is this Arial or Arial Nova? What application(s) allow you to access these features?


Yes, the default Arial packaged with Windows 10 comes with true small caps included, and below is a screenshot of InDesign’s glyphs panel — basically a list of every character in a font.

If you get to use InDesign, there is literally a ‘Small Caps’ button, that you click and the app renders any selected text in small caps:

I don’t use any other apps, but they all probably use small caps, one way or another, even Word does.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : whiskeychief , Answer Author : Lucian

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