Artwork from different designers: Achieving an integrated look?

First of all, I am not a graphic designer.

I am launching a new website soon. I have the text almost ready. I have a web designer and infographic designer.

In order to prevent visitors meeting walls of text. I am now thinking livening up text by adding stock vector-line art from sites like I can submit these to the webdesigner. However, I will also be submitting infographics from another specialist infographic designer.

Using this approach, is it possible to achieve an integrated look or is it going to look messy? I would really appreciate your opinion on this.


The key with a project like this is that something needs to lead the design style. Either you need to get the web designer to follow the style of the infographics or vice versa. If you are using stock vectors then both of your designers will need to match the style of whatever they create to the stock content or alter the stock vectors to fit with the master style. Allowing different designers to work independently without an overarching style guide or creative brief is only ever going to result in a disjointed and inconsistent end product.

Source : Link , Question Author : daikin , Answer Author : Westside

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