Automate Export to Layers without overwriting

Here is the problem. I have a folder of PNGs. For each PNG, I want to create multiple PNGs with different styles applied to them.

My approach was to create an action which creates multiple layers for each PNG. Different styles were applied to different layers and the then each layer was exported to PNG using, ‘Scripts > Export Layers as Files. Since Export Layers as Files requires you add a prefix to exported files’ filenames, when I use ‘Automate > Batch’ to apply action to all PNGs in folder, the files generated are overwritten.

I have being trying to find a solution to this problem but haven’t gotten anywhere so far. Automating Export Layers to Files is a similar problem but there isnt any valid answer.

Any help would be appreciated



When you use the automate batch with an action, if you don’t want the files to be rewritten, you have the option to save them in a different folder that you previously created. Below the “destination” you can select the new folder to save your new files into. I guess you’ll need to change the folder for each new batch.

You can also decide to add an extra digit or letter at the end of your file to prevent the overwriting.

In the “export layers as files”, you can also select a destination.

I’m not sure to understand if this will solve your issue but I often use the automate/batch to rename files quickly. You can also use the “save as” command in your actions and make some tests with it.

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Source : Link , Question Author : Loveleen Kaur , Answer Author : go-junta

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