Automate re-creating this shape that looks like a paper sphere template

This is the 1977 “Charles Ross: Light Placed” poster by Jacqueline Casey and it’s insane.

"Charles Ross - Light Placed" by Jacqueline Casey

I was wondering how would one re-create a similar shape in Illustrator relatively easily. Just to clarify: I’m talking specifically about the shape which appears like a template for making a paper sphere, and not the contents.

Here’s what I tried:

  • creating

    1. a 100×100mm circle with the inner stroke of 20mm and
    2. a 20×314mm rectangle (h=2×PI×r)

    and then blending the two – didn’t work

  • image-tracing an existing template – too limited

  • drawing the shape manually using pen tool – too time consuming and not precise enough; also not flexible
  • creating a small and a big circles then blending the two – this may work only when knowing which circle sizes to use, I couldn’t figure out how to calculate

I feel like there’s an easy way which I’m missing. Please share any ideas you may have


My approach would be modeling a 3D sphere using Blender and converting it into a 3D craftable paper model using this: (No affiliation here)

A slower, but a free method, would be taking the initial 3D model, and extracting a base polygon of each row aligning it with the camera viewport.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Another option would be manually marking the seams of the 3D model and unwrapping it. The process is a bit specific, so look at some tutorials online pls.

This is the result of partial work… Just a test.

But unwrapping can produce not exact shapes, that potentially do not assemble well on a real paper model, so use the previous method, face per face one.

enter image description here

But a more exact way would be taking the mathematical approach @user287001 uses.

Source : Link , Question Author : WhatHiFi , Answer Author : Rafael

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