automatically adding a sequence of characters

Is there any way of adding specific sequences of characters at the start and/or end of every instance of a determined paragraph style?

I could do this using Grep find & replace, but then the text would be ‘fixed’.

What I’m searching for is a way to emulate adding content using ::before and ::after pseudo-elements in CSS…


I don’t have any help for similar-to ::after functionality, but the following should work for ::before.

Though it likely wasn’t intended for this purpose, you can just customize a numbered list to accomplish this. Just choose List Type: Numbers, and in the Numbering Style section, change Number: to desired string sequence of characters.

String as numbered list

At any time, you can go back in to the Paragraph Style, and update that Number field to change it throughout.

Source : Link , Question Author : calua , Answer Author : apex

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