Automation of repetitive tasks in Photoshop?

Is there a way to automate some highly repetitive tasks in Photoshop?

Example 1

I have a folder of images.

  1. For each of them, and I want to import each as its own layer
  2. I’d like them to be resized such that each is x% larger than the previous (or some other formula)
  3. I’d like them positioned within the canvase such that they form a sequence

Example 2

I have a single layer with an image; and I’d like to make y duplicates of that layer, where

  1. Each duplicated layer is z% smaller than the previous layer
  2. Each duplicated layer is w% rotated from the previous layer

To be able to achieve these, something more complex than a macro would be required. A scripting language, perhaps, or some form of advance macro?

Is it possible to achieve his in Photoshop?

If not, is it possible in any other image manipulation program (e.g. GIMP)?


Yes, photoshop has something called actions. To use actions, go to Window -> Actions and create a new action. Then, do ONLY want you want you action to so (resize, duplicate, etc.) Once you have completed what you want your action to do, stop recording your action. Now, whenever you want, you can recall that action, and it will do the same thing, to whatever image you open in photoshop.

(I use CS5, in Windows 7)

In addition to that you can write your own scripts.

Source : Link , Question Author : bguiz , Answer Author : Hanna

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