Aware of a font made from uniform straight lines?

I’ve searched for awhile and haven‘t found anything. What I’m looking for is letters and numbers (specifically 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, A, E, N, T, R) that can be “drawn” using a hammer and straight 1/2″ chisel. Here is a rudimentary example:

enter image description here

The cross hatches where the lines intersect are not important.

I attempted to make myself but all I could manage was the E. Even other straight letters like the N and A were beyond my skills.

I figured it would be out there somewhere, but so far no luck.


I did some searching, and here are a few close examples:

Bungee Hairline-

Unica One-

Sadly, none of these meet your exact needs, but they could serve as good inspiration.

Source : Link , Question Author : bcsteeve , Answer Author : Bryson Shier

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