Bad profile color (desaturated)

I have an huge color difference between Ai and all my others apps.
Ai looks desaturated.Image for compare Here are Ai next to Ps.

To solve the problem i checked “proof color” in the “Display” menu and choose “RVB Monitor” as proof format.

But all the img files I export still have the same color problem as Ai.

I think it might be a color profile mistake…

Thanks for any advice


Check to make sure that your Color Settings are “Synchronized” in the Edit > Color Settings Dialog. It should say “Synchronized” at the top. If it says “Unsynched”, then the Working RGB color space could differ slightly between say PS and IL.

enter image description here

To make sure all apps are synched, go to Bridge > Edit > Color Settings and choose North America General Purpose. This will ensure that the working RGB and working CMYK will be consistent across all apps.

Source : Link , Question Author : Momienova , Answer Author : cholson

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