Basics of constructing a landscape illustration?

I tried to illustrate a landscape, and I am very unsatisfied as it is

My current try

I think it lacks depth, I think the lighting is weak and and I just… I don’t know. I don’t what it all lacks, but I am just not satisfied.

What can I do to improve this? What are the basics of illustrating a nice landscape?

Also, might sound annoying but could you guys not use terms that are too high caliber? I am just a hobbyist, not a professional.



First thing that comes to my mind; it isn’t landscape orientation. I would definitely start with making it landscape proportions.

Landscape orientation

Add some more color to the trees.

Tree with more colors

The snowflakes should be more spread out (like real snowflakes) and they should vary in size and shape significantly, don’t just use circles.

Snowflakes with variations

The moon looks a bit like a sun (because it’s yellow and lacks texture). To make it clearer that it’s the moon, add some “craters” to the moon.

Moon with craters

Consider changing the color to a bit less yellow – unless you want a supermoon. In that case, you can probably make it a bit more orange.

Add more trees, snowflakes and stars which should get smaller as they move “further” from wherever the illustration is staged from.

More trees and snowflakes with distance

The image has a roundish feel to it, but the trees are very pointy. Round ’em up

Rounded Trees


  • I think you should remove the clouds, they are unnecessary.
  • You can add in shadows behind the mountains if you’d like.
  • If you’re making this in Illustrator, make the shapes which you will be duplicating a lot into symbols (snowflakes and stars and maybe even the trees – if you are going to place a great amount). Now just duplicate the symbols as many times as you want, this will save faster and use a significantly smaller file size.

I made my own version following most of my input mentioned above, here’s my result: [GIF]

Final result


  • I did a ratio of 3:2 to look like a postcard.
  • I made the mountains more like triangles to match the trees and to fit better in the landscape orientation.
  • I also made some of the trees snow covered, which I think adds a nice touch.

Snow covered tree

  • My final .ai file size is less than 1 mb because I used symbols.

Source : Link , Question Author : Juan Naym , Answer Author : WELZ

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