Beginner in Photoshop, how can I take an iPad psd file and put an image inside it?

I have a screen shot image for my app. What I am trying to do is insert it into a nice image of the actual device.

So I downloaded this image:

enter image description here

but I am clueless about how I can cut out just the front-facing ipad image, and place my screenshot instead of its screenshot.

Could someone please explain the process?

Thank you!


In the PSD, the layers for the iPad images are arranged into folders. Inside each of these top level folders is a layer called “Screen design”, this is the smart object you’ll need to edit to change the display:

Screen design

To edit this layer, right click on it and choose Edit Contents. This will open up the smart object in a new window. Insert whatever artwork you’d like to be displayed on the screen in this document:

new image

When you’ve finished, save and close the Screen design document. The new artwork will be displayed in the original document.

finished product

This will only update one screen, you will need to rinse & repeat for each group.

Source : Link , Question Author : Genadinik , Answer Author : JohnB

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