Beginner Question: Is it bad to mix raster photography into vector based print work? Alternative?

I am tasked with creating a vector based print work. And I’m very new to print design.

Is it a good idea to include raster photography inside my vector image? It seems to destroy the whole point of “infinite scalability”. How do I create something that can be scalable, so as to be used on large outdoor banners and such?

Thanks for your help! I’m quite lost. 🙁


There’s not really a problem including raster images provided you know the final output.

Raster images, inside a vector app or not, always have the same limitations in terms of scaling. Placing a raster image into a vector app does not make it resolution independent.

With that in mind, it’s really your call.

If you need infinite scalability, then you should avoid raster images in all cases.

Source : Link , Question Author : Web_Designer , Answer Author : Scott

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