Beginning with drawing

I want to begin with drawing but I have literally no experience. I wonder if there are high quality video tutorials, like just for drawing?

I want to start with hard surface objects.

Also would you recommend me to begin with a pencil or with a tablet?


Get a nature journal and spend a few weeks making a go at it. Small things are good so you can focus on the basics of observation and not get overwhelmed by the subject. You’ll make lots of mistakes but don’t criticize too early. Just draw. A lot. And draw everything you see.

Any sketchbook that seems convenient will work. I like Moleskine’s Cahier books for their portability and durability. I keep my drawing kit close at hand but I also have a wallet with a mini sketch area, just in case.

Once you get your feet wet, pick up some drawing books and study the principals while you work through the exercises. These are my faves:

Those two will get you a long way toward understanding how to really see.

Source : Link , Question Author : Maik Klein , Answer Author : plainclothes

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