Best compability file project export for .PSD file

What is the best fully compatibility to export (.PSD) file project from Photoshop for software interchange purposes?

I mean, for example, I can edit the resulted export freely without loosing any feature from photoshop in Inkscape or Krita or other software.

Because I have tested in Inkscape, Krita and Paint.NET, and he text layer can’t be edited automatically like in the Photoshop after directly importing.


I wanted to throw out a shout for ORA (OpenRaster) format here for anyone who is looking.

This format likely does not support all photoshop specific features, but it aims to support the general representation of a layered raster graphics format with metadata in a very simple and reusable format for programmers to work with. All of the populat open source type editors (Krita, GNU Imp, etc) can work with it. From the programmer side it is a vast improvement over working with PSD format which is meant to store many Adobe specific features.

We can hope that more commercial raster editors start to take note of the standard in future iterations.

Source : Link , Question Author : Unknown123 , Answer Author : Rboreal_Frippery

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