Best font for programming?

I am looking for the best font for not only programmers but all people which are “forced” to sit long hours in front of a computer and staring at screen. I expect less distraction, less eye tiredness, more readability etc. than anything casual/default.

Does exist some font with verifiable attributes suitable for usage during long hours programming / scripting?

Is Inconsolata a good choice?


I’m not certain there is a “best” typeface. It’s more about personal preference. The same way some prefer reversed text, some may have font preferences. Generally san-serif is thought to be easier to read on “on-screen” and a less-than-stark contrast setting can also be helpful.

I tend to lean towards a monospaced sans serif font such as Monaco. But I’m sure others may not like that font. I’m not familiar with Inconsolata , but it also appears to be a monospaced sans-serif typeface. I also prefer text at #333333 and a background at #eeeeee for coding.

Source : Link , Question Author : tsykora , Answer Author : Scott

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