Best free alternatives to Frutiger [closed]

Hi i am looking for a free alternative to Frutiger that closely matches the font in the logo below. I don’t think this font is Frutiger though as the doesn’t quite match. would also appreciate it if you could tell me what this font was.

Font sample


There are many free “humanist” fonts pretty similar to Frutiger: Open sans, Roboto and others. However, as others have noted, this isn’t Frutiger or Helvetica. It is too extended and wrong “a” for Helvetica.

I think it is Trade Gothic Bold Extended.

Montserrat and PT Sans in google fonts are sort of close. There are few quality sans serif free fonts.

Also it’s not neue haas unica (it is definitely an extended width)

Source : Link , Question Author : Lukas_T , Answer Author : Brian Barrus

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