Best method for creating shape using anchor points

Here is an image that I drew by hand. I am looking for a way
to create precise distances between anchors (blue dots) and a way to
connect them with straight lines (black).

I have photoshop and illustrator. Can someone please provide
a clear list of steps to take in either of these programs?
Ideally I would like to be able to fill some of the parts with colour.

hand drawn shape

I basically want the A’s and B’s to be equal.
enter image description here

Ideally I use a grid to position my points for shape corners.
Like this:
enter image description here

But this is an online generator
and I need to do this in photoshop or illustrator.


Use illustrator its by far easier. After your edits its easier to understand what your after. Basically your asking if there is a grid snap? Sure, to turn the grid on and turn grid snapping on:

  • Choose View → Show Grid
  • Then enable gridsnapping View → Snap to Grid

the rest should be self explanatory on account that you know how to draw the shape. But to add a bit your shape is a parallelogram. That means that you can always clone the opposite side by alt dragging selected shape to clone path parts.

Now its not so easy to do this on a grid. As the length of edges does not necessarily coincide with the grid (especially when your at an angle). When you hold Alt and click then you get a dialog for entering values for the tool. This will help you doing the drawing WITHOUT a grid. Just type in direction and line length and then clone them around.


Image 1: Time lapse of a arbitrary example

Tip: Use the line tool its conceptual easier. If you need the shape closed afterwards just use shape builder tool to make shapes.

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