Best practices for client presentation when not face to face

When presenting a project to a client, I like to walk them through stages. This helps me limit their perception to a specific path of design and tends to go a long way to helping them understand aspects of the project that they may overlook otherwise.

When presenting design roughs or mock-ups via email or via links to web pages a problem arises. The client doesn’t stay where I want them. They will often click ahead or view things I don’t yet want them to view.

In a face to face meeting I control when a client sees something. However, it’s not feasible through electronic communication to send a link or PDF, then discuss, then send another link or PDF and discuss.

Phone conversations are not workable, they would still require a PDF or links.

If mock-ups or roughs are set on a web page you can create a link path through various pages, but there’s no guarantee a client won’t click ahead too fast or just click ahead before you get a chance to discuss anything.

So.. my question….

When a face to face meeting is not possible and you are working on a project that is, let’s say, a logo… How do you ensure the client views items in the order you want them to view things and which allows you to discuss iterations down the path you want?

Are there any best practices for this?

Edit to add
…. And if online meeting software installation is not an option?
although current answers regarding meeting software are valid answers. Just wanted to open this up a bit more if possible.


I’m a chatterbox. I leave notes. Stickies, arrows, numbered captions. Or I would lay out the logos in InDesign and have copy explaining everything alongside, as if it were a transcript of me talking to them face-to-face.

I’d also probably have instructions: “Please read through the document in page order, as this will help you to understand the progression of the project.” Sort of inviting or encouraging the client to do the right thing rather than leap ahead willy-nilly.

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