Best techniques for digitizing artwork using a tablet

I need help or rather to be pointed in the right direction please.
Take a look at the artwork:
enter image description here

On the left you see my “on paper” art. On the right is my attempt to do the same thing on the digital tablet. No matter what I can’t seem to find the right technique to do it.

If I try Vector lines – it comes out to comic book-like. Drawing it with my hand on the tablet ends up being child-like drawing. I layer-over tracing and drawing from scratch and results are unacceptable.
Can you see the difference ?

My question is do you think it’s simply because I”m new to using a digital tablet and my hand isn’t used to it or am I missing some technique in Photoshop or Illustrator that would let me possibly perfectly re-trace or re-draw my graphics? Any technical tips on how I can make my Tablet created graphics looks like the stuff I create on paper would be greatly appreciated.


1) I would suggest Illustrator for all of your line art, then color in Photoshop. You can color in Illustrator but since it sounds like Photoshop is your program of choice, you will probably be more familiar with it to work. Illustrator is designed for this exact type of work.

2) Yes, a tablet is going to take time to get used to. When I first got it I used it twice and put it aside for months. It’s hard when you start it. I thought, “Hey I do it just fine with a paintbrush, pencil, etc, I can do it with this tablet.” Unfortunately, I realized almost immediately it wasn’t so simple. Keep at it, you will be glad you did.

This tutorial may help you a little. The colors used are a bit brighter than your image but color choice is always adjustable.

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