Best way to convert multipage pdf to separate jpg’s

What is considered the best way to convert a multipage PDF into single page JPG’s with photoshop CS3?

I’m looking for a (semi) automated process since it’s a 150 page pdf so a little cumbersome to do manually.


I know you asked about Photoshop but… If you have a Mac this is very easy to do using Automator. You just need three actions:

  1. Ask for finder items
  2. Render PDF pages as images
  3. Move finder items

You can even select the color model, format (12 available), resolution and compression quality. Just to test it out, I converted a PDF file I have here with 207 pages:

Using “600dpi/RGB/best quality possible” it took an hour to convert to JPEG.
Using “300dpi/RGB/60% quality” it took about 5 minutes to convert to JPEG.
(My laptop have a Core 2 Duo 2.26Ghz)

Source : Link , Question Author : ChrisR , Answer Author : pcattai

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