Best way to email huge .ai file (2GB) for printing?

I have 2 large artwork files about 2GB each that I need to email to a factory for professional production & printing. Each file was created in Adobe Illustrator with a mix of photos and vector images layered into the art.

I have saved as PDF which is just as heavy. It was recommended by my local printer to export as a jpeg but I am concerned that this will greatly reduce the quality.

The final product will be poster size. And I can not do multiple samples with the overseas factory for quality testing as each sample fee is $200. Thoughts?

Thank you!


Determine (with print provider) actual needed final resolution for the raster images – export an appropriately-set-up print-ready .pdf. That should do it right there – failing that, use a file-hosting solution or an FTP site (see the print provider’s website for how they prefer to handle file transfers) as appropriate.

This isn’t really a graphic design question, though I did answer it, as it’s closely-related.

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