Best way to outline a geology map in Inkscape

I have a geology map where I have to outline lines of different styles (dotted, or solid), and eventually I have to fill arbitrary enclosure of these lines (so e.g., sometimes I need to fill a shape enclosed partly by solid and partly by dotted lines), what would be the best way to do this in inkscape?

I’m thinking of defining the paths for filling the colors and then later copying them and breaking them for the line displays (dotted, solid, etc.) but are there better ways?


If there is a better way, I’d like to know it myself. As I’m doing this kind of thing — creating shapes with an none-uniform outline — quite often.

Ctrl-D creates duplicates a shape in its exact place. So I usually create the shape first with a fill colour and no outline. Then I duplicate it and work on the copy that is now on top.

I set an outline and remove the fill colour. If I need to split the path exactly at it’s bezier points, I do so with the path editing tool, then I uncombine it with Ctrl-Shift-K. If I need to split it elsewhere, I do so by creating what I like to call ‘scissor path’ and split with Path -> Cut Path from the menu.

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