Best workflow to save an image in 3 different sizes

In Photoshop, I want to create 3 different sizes of the same logo. There will be some differences in the look of the logo depending on target screen size.

I believe the slice tool is what I want but I’m not sure. I’ve been learning more about the slice tool. It seems if I use it for creating differently sized logos, it will save lots of time as everything can be saved at once. This way, I don’t have to create three different images with three different saves.

Is the slice tool the most efficient way to handle the above scenario?


I would personally have them in the same workspace, and as you mention I’d slice them for saving.

Only difference with the comments is, I’d also have each image in a separate smart object. That way, you can edit them freely in a different ‘file’ so to say, but see the results in comparison with the other two in the same canvas. I’m guessing this might be something similar to what you are looking for because I’m assuming you want to work with pixel perfection for the smaller ones (might be wrong!).

If the logos are very similar between them, I’d have more smart Objects (“yo dawg, I heard you like smart Objects so I put your smart Objects inside other smartObjects”). You could have a basic one that is common to all of them, and then different styles drawn on top of it fit each version.


  • In a new document, create three copies of you image

  • Convert each one into a separate Smart Object

  • Create slices for each logo size

  • Double click on a Smart Object will open it up for you, so you can edit it. Clicking save on the newly opened document will apply the changes you just made to the one in the main document.

Source : Link , Question Author : 4thSpace , Answer Author : Yisela

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