Better way to display three pieces of data on one graph for a website

Note the oldest answer was referring to my graph prior to this last edit. It was a great answer, please don’t discount it due to my edit.

I want to display how much study I have done, and how many pages I have completed throughout the week, broken up by day, and I have done so as shown below:
enter image description here

I have had people tell me that they can’t understand the graphs, but I have no idea how else I can display them.

How can I display these more clearly?


Well I took a stab at this with Illustrator and I did it by hand, not knowing how to automate this process. I just looked at the pages per day and per week, and arrived at this chart:

pages per day per week

Basically a mini-chart showing the progress for each day of the week overlaid on top of a bar indicating the total pages for the week.

I started to visualize the hours in a similar fashion, using a complete circle for 1 hour and a half-circle for a half hour of study.

Possibly put the hours of study per day above the bar for the page, keeping the same color-coding or not. You’d have to play with that and see what looked best. There is also room to place small numbers on top of each bar.

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