Black and white printing

I have some problems printing rich black, and I´ve spent days trying to find a solution on the internet, but there is just too much information…
I´d happily spend weeks and months learning all about printing, but I “unfortunately” have to print an artwork asap, so all help will be greatly appreciated!

I use an adjustment layer > black & white to convert my color photos to black and white (this is an ok option? Will this give a rich black?)
But should I make any adjustments to the file -before- I do this?
Should I convert it to cmyk? Change anything in Edit > Color settings?

And then. When printing,.. what choices do I make in the printer dialogue?
(Like, do I tell photoshop to manage colors? What boxes to tick).
This is my biggest problem I guess. How to make photoshop and the printer speak the same language.

I have an Epson stylus R3000
are printing on matte 180gms paper (have to be)
and are using Photoshop CS3 (well I spend all my money on the printer, so…)


Having your file in CMYK is your best bet, I’d say. You can check whether your adjustment layer yields rich black by ‘stamping’ a copy of all visible layers (select your topmost visible layer and press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E) and use the eyedropper to check the CMYK values. If there’s just black, then it’s a poor black/grey, if there’s also C, M and Y, it’s a rich one.

For the actual printing process, I’d second @vector’s suggestion by doing a few tries of a smaller area, to save both time and ink, and compare the results.

Source : Link , Question Author : andrea , Answer Author : Vincent

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