Borrowing punctuation from another typeface

I am designing a piece of editorial and using Univers throughout, except for the pull quotes where I have used the quotation marks from Gotham instead as I feel they are more distinctive and appealing. This also means I have to change any other punctuation marks in the pull quote to those from Gotham for the sake of consistency.

Would this be considered bad design? Will I be confusing the reader? Should I revert back to using just Univers?

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Honestly, do whatever looks best—that being said, you should use the normal punctuation in the body of the quote.

Using different quotation marks isn’t unheard of, they are usually styled differently to the body of the quote anyway. Just search for ‘Pull quote design’ in your favourite search engine:

pull quote design example

pull quote design example

Using punctuation from a different typeface in the body of a text isn’t needed. Punctuation is designed as a part of the typeface and using the punctuation from a separate typeface is going to look out of place.

If the problem is that the quotation marks look too similar to the body of the quote—change them. Even if that is only making them slightly bigger or changing the color. Changing the body of the quote shouldn’t be your only solution.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ryan Adams , Answer Author : Cai

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