Bounding-box suddenly way too wide & off-center

I’ve been working in an illustrator file for some time now, but today, all of a sudden, all instances of a symbol I’ve made are 16k pixels wide (img below).

The objects don’t appear that large, but when I click them, the bounding box extends far off-screen to the left and right.

What could cause this? I was editing a symbol when it started happening, but I didn’t do anything differently than I’ve done 100 times before.

animated gif of symptoms i'm describing

(edit: forgot to include this behavior)
When switching to outline mode, there are two long horizontal lines I can’t explain. They aren’t guides, and they aren’t selectable (all objects are unlocked).

enter image description here

ETA again: I tried copying into new file, no change. In case anyone’s curious, I’ve uploaded the file in question to Google drive. Well, it’s 2 files:

  1. The one tagged [fresh-file] is a new file w/ the objects-in-question copied/pasted in.
  2. The other file is the original file, just with extraneous (and problem-free) objects deleted

Illustrator 2015.3.0, Win10


After saw your file I figured it out:

There is a huge guide inside the Symbol.

Edit the symbols and clear the guides.

Image below:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Brandon , Answer Author : joojaa

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