Breaking Alphabets into pieces, where the border intersects

I have the following test typed out in my inkscape:

enter image description here

Now what i would really like to acheive is that every border intersection be broken into a separate piece , and then the color inside the border be another peice, let me explain what i mean.

So i have the below peice of the alphabet L:

enter image description here

So there are 4 places where the border intersects and touches , so i would like each of these borders to be broken into a separate piece and then red fill inside the border would be another piece.

As of now what i am doing is:

I Type out the alphabet , Then i go to Path > Stroke to path , and then i click on Edit path by nodes , then i select the text and then Break paths at selected nodes and then Path > Break Apart, but this is only breaking apart the alphabets and not really giving me the effect that i am looking for.

Can somebody please guide me with this please.

Thank You.


I hope I’m understanding correctly, but I think you’ve got the right idea but you just need to duplicate your object so that you have one with fill colour and no stroke, and one with stroke and no colour. This second object is the one you’d break apart.

Do the instructions below give you what you want?

  1. Convert text to path (Path menu / Object to path)
  2. Duplicate this object and remove stroke.
    Drag the duplicate to the side.
    Remove the fill from your original object.
  3. Select the node tool and click once on the
    object with the stroke & no fill to select it.
    Drag the mouse over the object.
    This will highlight all the nodes.
    On the main toolbar, click ‘Break apart at selected nodes‘.
    Click Path menu, then Break Apart.
    Ungroup the paths with Ctrl + Shift + G

Inkscape - how to break text object apart into individual paths

Source : Link , Question Author : Alexander Solonik , Answer Author : z3z

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