Brush stroke a path with thin-thick-thin in Photoshop

So i know I can use brush simulate a brush stroke from thin-thick-thin

and thick to thin with the fade option


Is there a way to simulate a brush stroke so the path will have thick end points and thin middle. I mean with out a tablet of some sort.

In addition, can i brush a path starting from the end point and not from the start anchor point?

If there is no way to do it in Photoshop, can I do something similar in Illustrator?

Thank you


It is not possible in Photoshop to use the Fade feature on both ends of a stroke. The only way to accomplish that is via a tablet with brush dynamics and pressure.

With Illustrator there are a couple methods to alter the width of a stroke.

  • You can use the Width Tool to manually click-drag areas along a path to increase or decrease a stroke’s width.

enter image description here

  • You can choose a Profile for a stroke in the Stroke Panel or Control Panel (This essentially just applied the width variables in a predetermined fashion.)

enter image description here

Photoshop contains no features which are similar to this.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rezkin , Answer Author : Scott

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