Business Card printing and correct CMYK profile settings

So I bought this business card template that comes as a PSD file with the U.S Web Coated (SWOP) v2 CMYK profile. I edited it in Photoshop and then found out the printer company:

  • wants CMYK colour mode and uses FOGRA39 as the profile.
  • says fonts must be converted into paths / curves or embedded completely.
  • suggests to send PDF/ X-standard (PDF/ X3-standard or PDF/ X1a-standard).

So now I am unsure what to do so colors on the card look as close as these on screen:

  1. Convert to FOGRA39 > save as PDF using FOGRA39
  2. Rasterize > Flatten > convert to FOGRA39 > save as PDF using FOGRA39
  3. Save as PDF using FOGRA39 directly

Also I believe Photoshop uses vector fonts, thus I assume it is better NOT to rasterize them, so when saved to PDF they look great at any magnification? Would that work if the printer company doesn’t have the font? I mean is this what they mean by “embedded completely”

Thank you.


Alternatively, if you remove all of the type layers from Photoshop and just set up your business card artwork to be the background for an Illustrator file… then you can reset the type in Illustrator and convert all text to outlines.

Just mind your Photoshop background file resolution and color mode, and make sure your Rasterize settings in Illustrator are set correctly.

Embedding fonts and emailing font files can be iffy unless you are familiar with the printer. Converting them to outlines locks them down as vector shapes. No rasterizing necessary.

Source : Link , Question Author : user2247336 , Answer Author : jos.lemmons

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