Calculating the price of a transfer of copyrights for artwork

I have been asked to design a set of 20 different posters for a big packaging company. This client requires an estimate price for the design service. After giving them an estimate, they are now asking me to calculate and add the costs of a full transfer of ownership and copyrights of the artwork. Basically they need all the editable files in order to be able to make modifications and derivates, republishing the work in any kind of media and territory and for an unlimited scope of time.

Is there a standard was to calculate the price of a full copyright transfer? How is this normally calculated?


Simple: Your price for poster design creation * 20

Your price depends on how you value yourself.

My estimate for a poster is 1K-10K – depending on

  • how many creative ideas are needed (for example 20 different or variation of the same)
  • complexity
  • what level of innovation is neccesary

Also it’s common practice apply some discount for order volume – you don’t need waste your time looking for another customer.

Although you maybe heard that in some agencies only creative idea starts from 30K, you should understand what client values when he orders from you, not from that agency.

By the way: here is an interesting survey

Source : Link , Question Author : LucaDesigner , Answer Author : Zach Saucier

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