Can anyone help me identify the Japanese font on the cover of this book?

enter image description here
I am looking for the font that is used on the cover of the book in the image, does anyone know it? I am not even sure if such a font exists, it might be calligraphy but any answer is much appreciated.


This appears to be custom art. The cover art designer posted about their illustration on their blog:


I don’t actually read Chinese (only Japanese), but it seems to suggest that the (Chinese) title of the book 活出時代的矛盾 that appears also as part of the English cover was a custom design based off the 方正姚体 font*. In this font, the title would look as follows (missing one character from the free preview):

enter image description here

* or a font with a similar name — they only say 姚體 (=姚体) in their post

Source : Link , Question Author : user118948 , Answer Author : Earthliŋ

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