Can GIMP open PSD files without any loss of information?

I’m a programmer for a website. Because the site looked kind of naff, we paid a graphics designer to do us a new design. He has just sent me sample images (.jpgs) and the .psd files they were generated from.

In implementing the design in css, I want to work from the .psd files, as they are lossless. However, when I open them in GIMP, they look different to the sample images. For instance, the buttons don’t have the gradients + shadows like they do on the sample image.

Is this because the designer sent me backups from halfway through production, by mistake? Or do you think it is because GIMP can’t open .psd files correctly?

I don’t have photoshop, so trying to open the files in that program is not an option.


No, especially layer effects are not translated correctly. There is most likely always a loss of information!

Source : Link , Question Author : Oliver , Answer Author : blindfold

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