Can i draw precise sphere in perspective using illustrator?

I really need to draw ellipses and spheres in perspective so I wonder if Illustrator is set to do this kind of tasks, I tried and came up with this result:
Sphere In perspective

But as you can see It’s not precise and it takes a lot of time to draw ellipses in perspective, So I wonder if anyone came across a better way or maybe a better appllication for perspectiv drawing??


Try using Illustrator’s 3D Rotate feature.

  1. Draw your ellipse
  2. Select your ellipse
  3. Click Effect > 3D > Rotate
  4. Adjust the various axis and click OK

The result will be your original shape with the live effect applied to it, which you can go back into and adjust. When you’re happy, click Object > Expand Appearance to convert your 3D shape to a path.

Source : Link , Question Author : Corabict , Answer Author : Alex

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