Can I export an animated GIF as a PNG Sequence in Photoshop?

Hey we’re getting an animation made for a startup loading for a new device and the company need it as a PNG sequence… is it possible to save this out in Photoshop as a PNG sequence?



Yes and no.

Of course!

If you have a file that can be opened in Photoshop can be saved as PNG.

But Nope

An animated GIF is interpreted in Photoshop as a stack of layers all in the same position and then saved as frame by frame in the GIF.

A PNG for a sequence is a grid of this images in one simple PNG, and the “sequence part” is given in a CSS code.


So you need to rearrange this gif layers into a grid, and someone else needs to code the CSS.

In my opinion, it has no sense to do that. Try to use the GIF.

An additional problem

Is that you will be stuck with the aliased borders of the GIF, and you will have no smooth borders, which is the main point of haveing a PNG instead of a GIF, so probably you need to prepare it again anyway.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jade Lundie , Answer Author : Rafael

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