Can I have the equivalent of a Ps ‘smart object’ in Ai which I can keep updating in Ps?

I’ve scanned in some maps, and I’m regularly adding little touches here and there to each map in Photoshop. Each map has a few Ps layers and is not vector.

For all the annotations, I’m using Illustrator, because it’s better for the job with its typography tools.

In Ps, I can drag some graphics/layers in from Ai and it becomes a single ‘vector smart object’ so whenever I want to edit that graphic, it opens in Ai and updates in Ps when I save.

How do I have the equivalent of this in Illustrator? I have a multilayered graphic which I want to keep opening and editing in Ps but still keep at the exact same size and position in the Ai document (to keep the annotations accurate)?


File > Place did exactly what I wanted to do! Thanks to the user who commented above – I couldn’t mark that as the right answer for some reason.

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